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Sochi cashes in as Russian economy trembles

Falling oil prices, Western sanctions and a weak Rouble are pushing Russia's economy closer to recession. Many Russians cannot afford to travel abroad this winter and are choosing to holiday closer to home instead.

Published by Zoltan Brenner , 12.01.2015 at 18:04


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Robin Cornwall
Robin Cornwall 13 January 15 01:41 I remember when oil prices went up and i couldnt go on vacation any more either. Im glad russia, iran and venezuele arent making money off my back anymore. This year i can finaly afford a vacation thanks to the slight price drop at the pumps.  Text hided expand
Robert 16 January 15 05:06 So russians are getting more and more frustrated with their current, soviet like regime. Good. Perhaps they'll do something about it. Text hided expand
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