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Davos: The new (grim) global context


Davos: The new (grim) global context

More than 1,500 chief executives and 40 leaders of state and government will attend the world economic forum. It will be held from 21 to 24 January in Davos, the Swiss ski resort.

At the event plan to discuss a wide range of issues, from oil prices to the future of the Internet.


Timothy Guillemette

They're going to talk about what they talk about every year.. how to take over the world.  Bunch of billionaires talking about fixing inequality publicly.. then engage in strategies on how to further monopolize markets.  These ppl don't have or care about the solutions.. they are the problem.


Ben Rist

so these 1% are traveling by private jets, to inform us lowly people about global warming. Them jetting off to one of many of their homes around the world and tell us WE are the problem.  gotta love them democrates



Another meeting of people who have no new ideas. The main question for countries like the UK should be : how do we dump the debt based economy and move forward to a new system, that will cope with climate change, economic growth, population growth and lack of resources. I wager I could do better than the entire Davos elite.


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